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Writer, YouTuber, American Happily Stuck in Paris.Buy a copy of my guide to Paris below for the best possible trip to the City of Light.

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Guides to Paris

I was a tour guide for a while, but my real qualification was my endless hunger to explore the city and find food, places, and people I loved. My goal in sharing my take on the city is to help you get off on the right foot when starting out in a city infamous for being unwelcoming. It's more than possible to have a wonderful time in Paris, and knowing where to start will set you up for the best trip possible.

Vlogs & More

My daily vlog over on YouTube was the driving force behind a lot of my exploration of the city. I still produce at least one video per week on YouTube, go check it out.

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Jay Swanson - Sea of the Unknown - Monsters and Mishaps on My Journey to Paris

Sea of the Unknown

How did I get to Paris and why stay? This book is about my love of the City of Light and a decade's struggle along the path to a professional creative career. You can grab it in paperback, audiobook, or on Kindle over on Amazon.

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Jay Swanson's digital offerings for Patrons

Want to get digital downloads like wallpapers of Paris? Or access to my live, digital map of Paris marking all my favorite spots as I find them? How about exclusive previews of videos before they go live on YouTube? All of this and so much more is available over on Patreon. My Patrons make all the exploring, eating, filming, editing, and production possible. Spoiler for the Sea of the Unknown, but they're the reason I was able to quit everything else and focus on making videos for you.

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The best place to follow my adventures in Paris is over on YouTube, but if you're a fan of Instagram you can always find my photo/day project there. I posted a photo every day online from December 14, 2010 - March 12, 2022, and I never missed a day (even though I've had to post a day or two later on occasion, when out of service somewhere up country). Now I post occasionally, and it's nice to break things up a bit.

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Jay Swanson on Twitter - @jayonaboat

I wouldn't say I'm SUPER active on Twitter, but it does end up on the receiving end of a variety of my random and somewhat unfiltered thoughts. If you aren't following me there already, why not follow Jay Swanson on Twitter?

Jay Swanson and Cooper yawning

Remember the Guides!

Paris in my Pocket

Wine bars in Paris, running routes through the city, and my personal guide which is essentially a full on book (156 pages long!).

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If you'd like to say hi, I'd direct you to @jayonaboat on Twitter.That said, if you ordered a guide and ran into technical problems, one of my helpful elves will be happy to help out: Click that email button below.I'm working hard to protect my time for work, family, and friends. This famous post by Paul Graham does a great job explaining the idea of a maker's schedule and the necessity of keeping it sacred. It really informed my thinking on time and work/life if you're curious.Thanks for dropping by, I hope you're having a wonderful time!

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