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Shadows of the Highridge

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Moving on the soil is the quickest way to die; for Tolly to survive she must learn to stay silent. Life on farms like hers was difficult enough in the face of plague and a decade of drought, but something worse has come to the foothills under the Highridge Mountains. Something that will destroy everything she loves. Mere miles away, Vanig’s search for water to revive his farm is cut short when soldiers arrive bearing dark news of disaster striking farms throughout the region – and they suspect he is the root cause of it all. Those suspicions spike when a disheveled warrior appears hundreds of miles from home and takes Vanig hostage. Death looms in the shadows of the Highridge.


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“Shadows of the Highridge is a fast-paced, tense, thrilling fantasy creature-feature; a fantastic ride for lovers of fierce action and big-ass monsters. GET IT.” Luke Matthews

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About Jay

When I was a kid, I loved to tell stories. If I didn’t have one from real life that was interesting enough to hold someone’s attention, I would just make one up. My parents tended to call these “tall tales.” I didn’t just make up these stories for attention though; I made them up to bring out a deeper sense of adventure.
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Dark Horse

A short novel by Jay Swanson
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Into the Nanten

“Twenty years ago Salisir disappeared. Twenty years have passed since he was sent on a mission that would only ever be given to someone in disgrace. Someone the Tetrarch would rather dead than in its service. And now I am to follow in his footsteps. To my death, I am sent to find him. This is my punishment. But if nowhere else, I may plead my own case in ink, even as I approach a certain death.”
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The Vitalis Chronicles

The riveting fantasy trilogy that will provide you as much joy as sleep it deprives. Trust us (not that this is a biased source), fantasy author Jay Swanson’s books are more than worth your time. You can get them in paperback or any ebook format!
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“…so intense and skillfully described.”

5 stars-Ray Nicholson @ralannicholson

Chakra must survive the next two nights, or Melina will die. Melina has contracted a disease no one has seen in decades that will kill her in a matter of days. There is no cure; unless one believes an outcast sorcerer. Chakra has no choice but to believe. Pitted against vicious monsters and lethal puzzles, Chakra must live long enough to gather seven pieces of magic armor and use them to save the woman he loves. Setting – The village of Alda sits in the shadow of a broken fortress that most would rather forget existed. Within it lives an old man: an outcast, a sorcerer – someone the poor people of Alda would kill if he didn’t terrify them so. The Black Flux ravaged this region before, killing everyone whose lungs it filled with a deadly tar that could not be exhumed. Now the woman Chakra loves has it – and she will die of it. Though he has signed to join the army in their march to the south, Chakra must break that vow and leave his friends to keep another: to save Melina. There is only one person to whom he can turn to save his love, the one person his village fears most.


The World's First Real-Time Fantasy Story



The Nanten is a jungle so hostile that to enter it willingly is considered suicide. This is the journal of Marceles na Tetrarch, a warrior currently exiled to the Nanten for murder. He goes in search of a man that he hates, who was exiled there 20 years ago: Brin Salisir. It’s rumored that Salisir went to discover a cult risen from the darkest dredges of humanity. What Marceles doesn’t know is if the rumors are true.  Pick up from the beginning here. Into the Nanten – Fall of the Arbor King, will begin on September 9, 2015. You can read the first season by starting here: Into the Nanten – The Record of My Exile



The first season of Into the Nanten came to a close on March 30th, 2015. There were 195 entries in total. The Kickstarter to fund a second season surpassed its funding goals on April 4, 2015. Join in his adventures in the Nanten as they are posted on intothenanten.com in real time. You can read Marceles’ story from the beginning at intothenanten.com/journal

“Really bloody good.”

Alasdair Stuart, Owner Escape Artists

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Current Projects

Jay is working on a number of projects at the moment. Check back here regularly to see arbitrary percentages intended to inspire hope. And be sure to check out Into the Nanten if you haven’t already!

  • Into the Nanten Season 2 75%
  • Blaum’s Myths and Fables – 1st Draft 60%
  • Off Grid – 1st Draft 100%

The Vitalis Chronicles Trilogy

The heart-pumping action fantasy trilogy



Nicholas Connell

“Like crack.”

Book One

In the aftermath of the Continental Wars, young Ardin Vitalis’ family is murdered by his own nation’s army in a plot to undo a woman known only as the Witch. Furious, he strikes out for revenge, but is thrust into events that will change his world forever. Suddenly he finds himself driven to save the Witch’s beautiful daughter from the nations, Magi, and King of the Shades who seek to destroy her. Should he survive that, his struggle with the dark powers he has been given still threatens to consume him. Ardin must choose to sacrifice his own freedom and flee enemies that are not his own, or allow events to unfold to the detriment of the planet. Buy it now for Kindle or in paperback.

“A well written and overall, thrilling fantasy adventure.”

-Ray Nicholson (Amazon top 1,000 Reviewer)

TOMB of the


Book Two

Ardin Vitalis’ last waking memory is of killing the Mage who betrayed him. He awakes to find himself incarcerated in a rundown mental institution, asked to escape by a mysterious winged warrior, and charged with the rescue of a people an ocean away. Little does he know that his own people are being corrupted, compromised, and turned against each other by the returning influence of their former enemy: the Relequim. If Ardin can’t overcome the demons in his dark past, he may succumb to them, and become the tool of his own worst enemies. Buy your copy today!

“Love the story, really enjoy the characters and Swanson has a real knack for making a page-turner.”

-Nunja Business (Amazon Review)



Book Three

The third and final installment in the Vitalis Chronicles Trilogy is available now! Join Ardin as he’s put to his final tests, Cid as he strives to save the people under his protection, and Rain as she fights to unite her kingdom to face the oncoming storm of the Relequim’s armies. Available for Kindle and in paperback now

”Epic fantasy at its very best… A trilogy that heralds the arrival of author Jay Swanson to the ranks of the upper echelon of fantasy/adventure writers.”

-Ray Nicholson (Amazon top 1,000 Reviewer)

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